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achei1The Achaia Adult Educational Institute, is a non profit, non governmental Organization, founded in 2004 in Patras, to help citizens to set up thoughts and ideas which would foster new rights and values in our society .We contribute to a better quality life of our co citizens- learners giving them chances of non formal education, personal development and evolution. We promote innovation and improve accessibility and quality of education and culture for adult citizens by means of European cooperation, aiming at the promotion of Democracy, Peace and better Education. We develop European cooperation, as this would lead to a better education and culture for the young people and adults.


achei2Our target groups are local community young people, young volunteers, senior citizens, adult learners, women of all ages, immigrants, adults with special needs in basic education and qualifications. As Patras is a city, northwest of Greece, with a lot of unemployed people, refugees, immigrants, excluded youngsters, senior citizens and pensioned women because of the crisis, it is obvious the need to offer them education courses, to motivate them and a positive approach

achei3We offer Education courses of non-formal learning:

• English, Russian, Spanish and Italian language courses and Greek language courses to immigrants, basically on a volunteer basis from our Educators and trainers.
• Craft courses: Jewelry courses, creative painting, silk painting, Painting on T-shirts, craft workshops for creating soap and Wax, craft workshops with leather.
• Workshops on consulting, training language teachers and social workers on intercultural competences, courses on team work, Book Club, collaborative teaching methods, courses on CLIL Methodology in teaching English language and seminars on voluntarism.

achei4We have implemented and organized many European projects as partners and coordinators, in the frame of the LLP project Grundtvig, youth in Action, Leonardo Da Vinci and Erasmus+. We have hosted successfully study visits of European teachers in our city, participating in project meetings, study visits, workshops. We have a long experience on European projects& cooperation; we have successfully implemented (2011-2013) the European project, Leonardo Da Vinci, TOI, Civet, (2011-1-FI1-LEO05-06166), during which we trained language teachers, social workers in intercultural skills, competences and awareness teaching to immigrants. We act as sending organization, being partners in youth exchanges, training courses in Europe, since 2010.

achei5We have created a large network of volunteers in our City Patras, young from 15- 30 years old and adults+ 50, who are very active; working on a volunteer basis for implementing various projects, teaching immigrants or helping on cultural activities.






Contact: Kyriaki Vamvaka – Christodoulopoulou
Voriou Ipirou 58, Patras, 26224, Greece.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://users.sch.gr/vamvaka
Blog: http://achaiainstitute.wordpress.com
Facebook: Achaia Adult Education Institute


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