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Fundación Siglo22 is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation which has as main finality the investigation of how technologies can be used in education and training, and also, how technologies can be used to help people to carry out a better living. Fundación Siglo22 is involved in developing on-line networks for communication and interaction, and specially to implement Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) to carry out personalized e-learning. 

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 The fundation has people involved very experienced in training in eLearning, blended learning and distance education - working on Educational Platform - customized solutions, technical support, and preparation of training resources for using contemporary multimedia devices and collaboration in the development of teaching units for on-line training. 

Fundación Siglo22 is the coordinator of the REVETAX Project, and brings to the project the expertice of using open technological platforms, which in the case of the project is implemented in the web site, using an open CMS (Content Management System) and also in the eLearning platform, which will be implemented using Moodle. 

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 The dissemination will be achieved throughout the whole project by workshops and seminars for teachers and training institutions, involved in VET. We will search for the involvement of those teachers in order to validate all the work done around the repository to be created, and specially concerning the taxonomy, as that is the more important part to create a useful system retrieving relevant educational resources for teachers and their students. 



Mariano Sanz Prieto

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