O2-Vetiver Repository

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The Vetiver repository is the main improvement of the project, as it will be multilingual in all the languages of the project, and also includes a thesaurus to index resources, the LRE thesaurus, that might allow further federation in the future with other repositories also using that thesaurus.

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O3-Open Educational Resource Creation

open education

The VETIVER project has as main objective of the creation of innovative and efficient learning experiences for VET students using open educational resources (OER) that was created. Now we have made it multilingual and with more interoperabilities possibilities with other resource repositories, to improve user experience and usability within and eLearning + ePortfolio environment.

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The VETIVER partnership planned a pilot program, a small-scale, short-term experiment that helps us to learn how this large-scale project might work in practice. We want to conduct this output very well, in order to test logistics, prove value and reveal deficiencies before launch the resources Europewide.

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