O1-Vetiver Handbook and Taxonomies


From the taxonomy in English developed in the REVETAX project will refine and extend it to cover all the areas involved in the project. Vetiver has revisited it in TWO different dimensions of Vocational Education Training (VET), to make it wider and multilingual to cover all the languages of the project,

For each metadata in the taxonomy the following information is included:

  • Type
            What kind of data will be stored?
  • Description
            What is this metadata about?
  • Searching
            How will this metadata be used (or not) in the searching afterwards?
  • Controlled Vocabularies
            The real data stored for this metadata is taken from a concrete list (controlled vocabulary)?
NN3 4008

The VETIVER taxonomy is available in both a report in an excel file format (which is included in the report as an annex) to make the taxonomy more usable.

One of the biggest improvements of the repository is the inclusion of a multilingual thesaurus to be able to index the repository resources included (those created and those selected and available on the Internet). The project will be using the Learning Resource Environment (LRE) thesaurus (http://lreforschools.eun.org/web/guest/lre-thesaurus) developed by The European Schools Network (EUN), but revising all the languages and creating a Turkish version as it does not exist but. The use of this thesaurus will give the repository the possibility of federating with all the repositories using the LRE thesaurus and open a dimension for the Turkish schools that currently they do not have access to, so an innovative and major development tool for this partner.

Other result of the Outcome will be the Vetiver Handbook, which will give the first overall vision of the project, integrating all the ideas of the project, and how it can be implemented in a VET organisation. The Handbook will be a downloadable Guide that could be use online or offline. The handbook will have 2 revisions so that it is always adapted to the reality of the project.


The Vetiver Handbook have been translated in all the partners' languages:






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