O2-Vetiver Repository

VETIVER develops a more advance repository than the one in revetax project.

The metadata used by the repository comes from the Taxonomies, developed in Output 1, and are the main “knowledge base” for all the repository operation. Included in the taxonomies we are using a thesaurus, which has been developed technically in the repository, so that all the resources included (both those created in the project and those selected and available in Internet) will be indexed using LRE thesaurus. The thesaurus is available in all the project languages, also in Turkish, which is not available in the LRE one. This is an improvement for searching in the repository and also provides possible links with other repositories using LRE in the future. The Thesaurus is integrated in the form to include resources in the repository.

All the taxonomies and the thesaurus are multilingual in English, Hungarian, Spanish, Turkish and Greek.

The repository will be also improved including a multiple level evaluation NN3 3978and in general achieve a better user experience. And will include the possibility of teachers showing the way they have used resources, in order to inspire possibilities to other teachers.

When the repository is implemented and ready, it will be populated with the resources created in the project, but also with other quality resources available in Internet. Each partner will populate with at least 100 resources each about active methodologies and specially “Service Based Learning” related and then with all the VET areas worked in the project together with entrepreneurship.

Finally, a mobile multilingual App for iOS and Android will be developed and available for free download from the official app stores. It will make possible, in a fully optimized environment, the search and display available resources and rating by teachers and students. For students may also to propose new resources for inclusion into the repository. Teachers may include new resources and experiences of use with resources. The app will only provides a subset of all the repository functionalities.


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