O3-Open Educational Resource Creation


The VETIVER project has as main objective of the creation of innovative and efficient learning experiences for VET students using open educational resources (OER) that was created. The project is using for this a repository, that is an improvement of an existing repository developed in a previous Leonardo partnership: "Taxonomies & Repository for VET & Copyright Protection “Revetax” (LdVP/13/314P (2013-1-ES1-LEO04-71824)". Now we have made it multilingual and with more interoperabilities possibilities with other resource repositories, to improve user experience and usability within and eLearning + ePortfolio environment.

It is very important to create good content for both teachers (about Service based training and active methodologies) and VET students (about Entrepreneurship, English, ICT, Interior Design and Furniture and Interior Design Technology). So first of all, the project OER was created in a way that allows them to be used independently as this gives more reusability options, and can be reuse so easily in many Learning Management Systems, as moodle.

1200px-Global Open Educational Resources Logo.svgAll the resources created have a creative common licence (by-nc-sa) so that they can be used freely . This provides the oppurtunity for all the learners to access the open educational resources easily. To create the OER, we used the instructional design methodology anl generated all the video, animations, …, needed to generate afterwards a SCORM package using Adobe Captivate tool, which allows to be used in any LMS which is SCORM compliant. We created 54 packages for area of knowledge. All the packages are around 30 minutes of work for the student, integrating text, images, videos, animation and auto-evaluation exercises. All the partners created the packages in their own language. All the packages are available in all the languages of the project partners. Totally, we created 270 educational video as Open Educational Resource. This 270 packages includes the subjects as Entrepreneurship (8 packages), ICT (8 packages), English (10 packages), Interior Design (10 packages), Furniture and Furniture Construction (18). All these open educational resources are accessable in http://vetiver.4eclass.net and www.vetiverproject.eu.

KapakThe work was splited in activities dealing each one with an area, and each partner leads one related with their expertise. Besides, at the same time of developing the resources in SCORM format, they populated the repository with internet resources, as part of the work of the creation of content are searching for resources available in the web, so that at least half of the 100 Internet resources each partner populated the repository. Then the content was created using instructional design concepts, and Adobe Captivate to make them Scorm compliant. Both were shown in the staff training.

Activities have been done so far:

  • O3/A1 Service Based Learning Resources and use of OER (FS22)
  • O3/A2 Entrepreneurship OER (TTC)
  • O3/A4 English OER (ACHAIA)
  • O3/A5 Interior Design OER (SZAMALK)
  • O3/A6 Furniture and Furniture Construction OER (AfyonMTAL)

The VETIVER repository was populated with 577 resources. The project also created 280 resources from scratch in this Intellectual Output. Each partner developed the following quantity of SCORM resources:

  • SZAMALK: 52
  • FS22: 80
  • TTC: 45
  • AFYON-MTAL: 57
  • ACHAIA: 46

All of them available in the Moodle platform.

Here you can see all the developed resources as SCORM files, ready to be imported in a LMS learning platform:

Check our developed resources!

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