O4-Courses, itineraries and VETIVER platform Implementation



During the implementation of the VETIVER project, all the partners have created about 260 resourses in each partner languages in 7 different subjects: I.C.T., Teacher Training, Entrepreneurship, ESOL, Interior Design, Furniture, and Furniture Construction.

Since we have almost finished all the different courses in the visual platform MOODLE, we compiled the courses for teachers and students, integrating e-learning + eportfolio. 2-3 Courses for teachers and 14 courses for students (7 subjects x2 courses) in different subjects per partner. At least 3 teachers per school per partner (3x5=15 teachers) and at least 300 students per partner. All courses are created following the itineraries report with the SCORM compliant packages developed and activities, including interactive elements such as videos, tests, quizzes, repository, games, and satisfaction questionnaires for teachers and students pre-and post- questionnaires.

With the courses, we created itineraries with them inside the project eLearning platform. Besides the evaluation takes place in a portfolio platform. Actually, this Output creates the real place for learning and evaluation at the same time for teachers involved and for students as well. In order to run the courses and itineraries, we implement the visual platform MOODLE, which integrates e learning (MOODLE knowledge) and MAHARA(e portfolio), using single- sign-on so that access is more easy for the teachers and students in this project and a link the repository.

Below you can see the developed courses organised in the platform.

Check our on-line courses in the platform!

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