The VETIVER partnership planned a pilot program, a small-scale, short-term experiment that helps us to learn how this large-scale project might work in practice. We want to conduct this output very well, in order to test logistics, prove value and reveal deficiencies before launch the resources Europewide.

DSCN0764We will run the pilots using the Vetiver virtual platform, we will run the first pilot with teachers, and then with VET students of those teachers. At least 5 schools per country will be involved, with at least 2 classrooms, which will make a minimum of 1200 students in total. The courses and itineraries will be available after the projects so that teachers can go on using them. We will pilot the whole environment. Each pilot will give information to improve the guideline of the project for teachers.
The pilot with teachers will be about active methodologies. This way the teachers will be testing and getting used to the learning process that they will be running afterwards with their students. Especially important that they try themselves in ePortfolio and Rubrics evaluation. Besides they will learn how to create their own itineraries int he environment.


For teacher we are running three courses:

1“Changing the Learning Paradigm”, where they will acquire with theory of multiple intelligences, active methodologies, Service-Based Learning (SBL) ePortfolio and they will learn how to work with multiple intelligences in the classroom.

2“New Evaluation Models”, focuses on how to evaluate using ePortfolio (Mahara) and Rubrics.

3Finally, the course “New Learning Environments” introduces them to the world of Vetiver Repository and Vetiver LMS.

The pilot will test students using all the OERs developed:

  • ICT - English
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Interior Design
  • Furniture and Furniture Construction

N10 8311Furniture production course deals with cabinet door building, decorating the top decor of the cupboard, drawer production, furniture assembly, wood edge band construction and wood carving. The Furniture Drawing course teaches the students how to do technical drawings and Auto Cad. The Art of Furniture Decoration Course covers Preparation of Wooden Plate Modules Wood Carving Tools and Machines Covering and Inlaying the Furniture.

Within the topic of Entrepreneurship The Marketing course teaches the learners about E-commerce, marketing and wok-life balance, the course Administration deals with TQM & JIT production techniques, finance, legal and professional and other administrational issues.

The English Topic’s first course is about Recreation including sports, music, Mediterranean diet, holidays and free-time. The second course is Vocational/Life Skills with lessons about ICT, stress, job recruitment and social media.

Within the ICT theme, students can first learn about the Linux operating system and then acquire mathematical elements such as reverse Polish notation. Finally, they can learn programming basics.

The interior design courses introduce the furnishings basics, the importance of good lighting inside apartment and then teaches a software called Vectorworks, which is essential for an interior designer. The key is to obsess over the details that will springboard the pilot into a full-blown project, because without sound details regarding risk or benefits, the pilot will be limited in its effectiveness.



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