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A. Teacher Training

A.1 Changing the Learning Paradigm - (other Moodle platform)
A.2 New Evaluation Models - (other Moodle platform)
A.3 Learning Environments - (other Moodle platform)

B. Entrepreunership

B.1 Marketing - (other Moodle platform)
B.2 Administration - (other Moodle platform)


C.1 Mathematics and Informatics - (other Moodle platform)
C.2 Programming - creating graphic interface - (other Moodle platform)
C.3 Linux operation system - (other Moodle platform)
C.4 Programming - (other Moodle platform)
C.5 Digital Drawing - (other Moodle platform)

D. English

D.1 Recreation - (other Moodle platform)
D.2 Vocational/Life Skills - (other Moodle platform)

E. Interior Design

E.1 Interior Design - (other Moodle platform)
Interior Design Software - (other Moodle platform)
Must know ideas for interior designers: softwares and photography tips - (other Moodle platform)

F. Furniture

F.1 Furniture Production - (other Moodle platform)
F.2 Furniture Drawing - (other Moodle platform)
F.3 Art of Furniture Decoration - (other Moodle platform)



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