Here you have a list with all the events the partners have done about the Vetiver project.

The event is a presentation of all the results of the project, and specially how VET teachers can use the Framework developed in the project. How to design and create Open Educational Resources and how to use them in the project Framework. It will be important to give them the view that this methodology can have for enhancing inclusion and personalization possibilities with students. This has been achieved by having an in deep analysis of what has happen in real pilots and how we have solved the problems and difficulties, creating a framework able to be used across Europe.

The number on the left side of each box indicate the number of teachers or students assisting to the event.


96E1 (16/01/2019) - The multiplier event in Patras was held on Wednesday 16th of January 2019. 96 teachers participated at the event. Most of them were teachers in Vocational schools (VET), teachers in junior or senior high schools and adult educators. Kyriaki Vamvaka outlined shortly the project VETIVER, then Dr Anthi Karatrantou presented the “Creation & Managing e- courses in Moodle”, then Dr Christos Christakoudis presented: ”Developing transversal skills using e-portfolio based on Mahara”, then «Service Based Learning» by a student Philippos Oikonomou- Pelekoudas. Finally there was round table discussion and exchanging of thoughts about the OER of the VETIVER proejct.
The evaluation of this event showed the satisfaction of the participants in the event regarding the interesting and useful presentations, the innovative character of the VETIVER project, the on-line courses and the educational material as well as the friendly and productive climate that was developed among the participants.


59E2 (19/02/2019) - The Multiplier event in Bideford was held to inform Teachers, Education professionals on the success of the project. It began with a presentation of the aims and objectives of the project and began with Kenny Payne CEO of Torridge Training. Two seperate sessions were held:
Morning session -
    Schools/Vocational Organisations
    Presentation of Tutors & student feedback of the modules & tools
    Open forum to discuss the plausibility of expanding the toolkit /exposure to wider use
Afternoon Session -
    Private Businesses SMEs who train staff on site /send staff part time to college
    4 break out sessions demostrating the modules/courseware
    Feedback on student & Tutor impression of the modules and tools
    An open forum was led to debate the theme of the advantages using of the VETIVER tools in a very rural workplace environment versus an urban area where access to educational establishments are less abundant.
This was not to be seen or taken as a replacement of mainstream education or enrolment but a supportive access.


60E3 (27/12/2018) - The Multiplier Event in Afyonkarahisar was held on 27th December in the School Auditorium. 60 teachers participated at the event. They were all teachers from different Vocational and Technical High Schools. Osman Sütpınar gave some informations about the project. He also answered the questions asked by the teachers. Hakan Avşar made a detailed presentation to the participants.He explained everypart of the project step by step. After the presentations, participants exchanged their thoughts and experiences with each other.


75E4 (27/02/2019) - "Event to inform university teachers and future teachers about the results of the project, how to use all the resources created for teachers (active methodologies and tools) and students (Interior design, Furniture, English and ICT) in 5 languages, among them Spanish and English. They are all available on our website ""
In the event, in addition to presenting the results and giving them access to the participants, we worked with them interactively with the contents of the Teacher Training course.


62E5 (26/02/2019) - Multiplier event was organized under the scope of VETIVER ERASMUS+ project in SZAMALK, 26th February 2019. The participants were mainly VET teachers and one of the main subjects touched in depth was the connectivist learning education. József Halász, headmaster of SZAMALK, summarized the project outcomes, and then Ildikó Balassa and Katalin Cséfalvay presented the pilot courses’ results. After the presentations, participants exchanged their thoughts and experiences with each other.

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