Staff Training in Madrid, ES

 The short-term staff training of Vetiver project took place in Madrid (Spain) during the 13th to 18th February, 2017. Fundación Siglo22 (Spain) hosted the staff of AfyonMTAL- Afyonkarahisar Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi (Turkey),, Torridge Training Consultants Ltd (United Kingdom), The SZÁMALK-Szalézi Szakgimnázium (Hungary) and Achaia Adult Education Institute (Greece).

Representing Fundación Siglo22, Mariano Sanz Prieto and Gema de Pablo González welcomed and informed the partner organisations’ staff about the meeting place and the supplies provided for the meeting.

Partners arrived on Sunday, 12th February to Spain. The training started on Monday at 9:30.


On monday, the main topic was Mahara and the repository of the project. In this day, the staff learned and tested all the Mahara characteristics and possibilities. Mahara is a web application developed to manage ePortfolios and social media. This tool is related to the project in the Teacher Training topic. Vetiver deployed a Mahara platform in the Moodle of the project. Staff also learned how to use this tool, and how to transfer this knowledge to the teachers of each country in the pilots.

Staff also learned about how to use the developed project repository (available in the website). Partners worked about adding new resources, modifying them and using them with the teachers, and therefore, with the students.

On tuesday and wednesday, partners worked with Adobe Captivate (Intellectual Output 3). In the project, more than 200 SCORM packages in multiple languages have been created with Adobe Captivate, and partners’ staff had to learn about using this application properly according to the needs of the output. The agenda needed two days of the staff training week because of the complexity of the resources needed for this output in the project. The developed SCORM packages included videos, text, audios, interactive games and self-assessment tests.

On thursday, during the day the partners’ staff worked on Moodle (Intellectual Output 4), the platform for the SCORM packages developed on IO3. Here, partners learned about managing users (teachers and students), managing their activities and tests in Moodle and uploading IO3 SCORM packages properly.

IMG 3074-1

Friday was a more theoretical day. On this day, partners’ staff worked on Instructional Design. Partners needed this material and knowledge to develop properly the rest of the resources, selecting them with a better point of view concerning learning.

The nice athmosphere of friendship and well equipped meeting room provided a positive training and the partners felt comfortable. The partners were very satisfied with the social dinner on Saturday and had good memories.

The team of Fundación Siglo22 (Spain) thank the partners of Vetiver project for the great efficiency, effort and cooperation throughout the whole week and project life-cycle.



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