3rd Meeting in Patras, Greece

The 3rd meeting of the project took place in Patras, Greece during the 22nd – 23rd of June 2017. Partners from SZÁMALK-Szalézi Szakgimnázium, Hungary, Fundación Siglo22, Spain, Torridge Training Consultants Ltd, UK, Afyonkarahisar Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey participated in the meeting.

IMG 5677The meeting started with the welcome of the Achaia Adult Education Institute Director, Kyriaki Vamvaka, who presented Greece.

Then a brief overview of all the issues that should be discussed and solved in the project which mainly were around the first three intellectual outputs was given and discussion on the project started.

The revised Moodle environment and the structure of categories and courses, the google drive structure and the Owncloud structure were presented to all participants and the way they should upload the project outputs was discussed.

All participants worked together to prepare the interim report and discussed about each Intellectual Output:

  • The Taxonomies report is finished
  • All the partners have finished their version of the thesaurus and it is available in moodle Partners will finish also the rotated version of the thesaurus in their own languages in the coming months. English and Spanish are already done and available in Moodle
  • Itineraries. First version of the itineraries document is produced in Spanish. It will be translated to English in the coming weeks
  • The first version of Handbook is ready including all the information concerning how to implement Vetiver project in a school.
  • The repository is available with the interface in all the languages of the partners, running the thesaurus. All the partners started introducing external resources in the repository.
  • All the resources are created, in SCORM packages, using Captivate . The resources created will deal with the subjects:
    1. Methodologies and Multiple Intelligences (FS22)
    2. Service Based Learning Resources and use of OER (FS22)
    3. ePortfolio and Rubrics (FS22)
    4. Entrepreneurship OER (TTC)
    6. English OER (ACHAIA)
    7. Interior Designer OER (SZAMALK)
    8. Furniture (AFYON MTAL)
    9. Interior Design Technology OER (AFYON MTAL)
  • The courses in Moodle are created together with Mahara. Both platforms are up and running. Then, all the resources will be used in the courses.
  • Three (3) pilots will be run:
    1. For teachers, to train them in the methodology and the repository.
    2. The first pilot for learners with 2 transversal courses and 1 specific
    3. The second pilot for learners with 2 transversal courses and 1 specific
  • The Guidelines will show any teacher how to use the project, meaning the methodology, the repository, how to deal with eportfolio evaluation and how to use VETIVER itineraries and courses

All the partners collaborate in the dissemination using social networks and creating the Newsletters every 3 month

Partners decided that next meeting will be in Spain, between December and February.

This was a fruitful meeting, all partners had a join dinner on Thursday, and the Greek partner invited all the team on Friday evening to a grill dinner at her house.




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