4th Meeting in Madrid

IMG 0530The 1st and 2nd of February took place in Madrid the fourth meeting of the Vetiver project. At the beginning of the meeting, Fundación Siglo22 welcomed the partners to the office and the place where this meeting would take place. The coffee machine started to work quickly and the meeting started

The first day would begin with an introduction and the welcome by Fundación Siglo22, then the history and regional culture and educational systems of Spain would be discussed.

As the first task on the agenda, Intellectual Outputs 1 and 2 would be reviewed. Regarding Intellectual Output 1, a review of the status of the handbook and the taxonomies was made. Regarding Output 2, the vetiver repository was discussed. The use and some recommendations on the repository were indicated and a final decision was made on the mobile application related.

Next in the meeting, the Intellectual Output 3 on the creation of OERs would be treated, a review of all the resources (SCORM packages) would be carried out and a status and deadlines would be established.

Regarding Output 4, courses, itineraries and the implementation of the Vetiver platform would be carried out. At this point the structures and the creation of the Moodle courses would be completed

Regarding Output 5, all pilots were planned. In the pilot with professors the subject of SBL would be treated and with students it would be the topics of entrepreneurship, ICT, English and furniture.

The day ended by reviewing the IO6 - guidelines..

The first day of the meeting ended with a social dinner. All the partners finished very satisfied and with strength for the following day.4

The second day was dedicated to reviewing all those points of the project that were not Intellectual Outputs. Evaluation, creation of questionnaires and dissemination were discussed. The third newsletter was revised and the creation of the newsletter 4 began.

The end of the meeting would be to discuss the status of the website, Vetiver events and the following meeting. There were no important questions or problems and the meeting was terminated.

All partners were satisfied and motivated to continue in the project as established.





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