6th and Final Meeting in Budapest

20190121 091542The 6th and the last meeting of the Vetiver project took place in Budapest, Hungary during the 21st – 22nd of January 2019. The SZÁMALK-Szalézi Szakgimnázium hosted the representatives of the partner organizations of Fundación Siglo22, Spain, Torridge Training Consultants Ltd, UK, Afyonkarahisar Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey and Achaia Adult Education Institute, Greece. The meeting took place in the main building of SZÁMALK-Szalézi Szakgimnázium (1119 Budapest, Mérnök u. 39., room 327).

The meeting started with the welcome address by József Halász, headmaster of the SZÁMALK-Szalézi Szakgimnázium. Then a brief overview listed all tasks that were planned to be discussed and solved during the meeting.

The nature of the meeting was mainly synthetical evaluating all the outcomes. Also, Partners identified intellectual outputs that need finetuning, so minor assignments were made in these cases.

Particular focus was laid on exchanging ideas and good practices about how to finish the impending pilot courses and how to ensure the sustainability of the project activities in this respect.

The Hungarian Moodle environment were presented by Helén Hegedüs, representative of the SZÁMALK-Szalézi Szakgimnázium. During the presentation the structure of categories and courses was shown as well as the Hungarian experience and techniques about how to integrate these experiences into day-to-day educational practice.

All participants worked together to prepare the final report and discussed about each Intellectual Output:

  • The Taxonomies report is finished.
  • All the partners have finished their version of the thesaurus and it is available in Moodle.
  • Itineraries: All the partners have finished their version of the Itineraries and it is available in Moodle.
  • Quality Assurance Handbook: according to the QA rules of the project, all the partners have finished their evaluation of all outcomes.
  • Guidelines: Partners have finetuned the Guidelines that includes all the information about how to use Vetiver Open Educational Resources in schools and other external target institutions. The Guidelines shows any teacher how to use the project products, meaning the methodology, the repository, how to deal with e-portfolio evaluation and how to use VETIVER itineraries and courses.
  • The repository is available with the interface in all the languages of the partners, running the thesaurus. Partners evaluated the final status of the mobile application.
  • All the resources are created in SCORM packages, using Captivate.
  • Three pilots are running as follows:
    1. For teachers, to train them in the methodology and the repository,
    2. The first pilot for learners with 2 transversal courses and 1 specific,
    3. The second pilot for learners with 2 transversal courses and 1 specific.

20190122 091612All the partners collaborate in the dissemination using social networks, events and digital interfaces.

Before the end of the second day Adrienn Szarka, financial manager of SZÁMALK summarized the financial tasks to be made to submit the final report.

During the social dinner which took place in a downtown restaurant, Partners recalled the more then two years long cooperation, collaboration and more importantly the great moments of friendship.

As for the organization work, special thanks to Krisztina Juhász former project coordinator and Erika Jeney project assistant for their dedicated work and commitment towards the successful fulfillment of the meeting.

Partners discussed, but not yet decided to start another project together.

On behalf of the whole community of SZÁMALK-Szalézi Szakgimnázium we thank our Partners the great time, effort and cooperation throughout the whole project duration!



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