VETIVER will compile, expand and create and ever expandable open educational resources (OER) environment, where they can be used to create learning itineraries for students, allowing personalization even inside the classroom. OERs will deal with transversal areas for VET as Entrepreneurship , ICT and English, but also with concrete areas as Interior Designer and Furniture and Interior Design Technology, to prove the system can be used for all the VET curricula. All these will be for students.

VETIVER Roll-up 5377

The 3 strands of students will work in entrepreneurship area. The secondary but very important target group is the teachers/mentors of these students, as we will be working with them in the use of active methodologies, specially Service Based Learning, which is a special type of Project based Learning, but together with Multiple Intelligences and how to evaluate using ePortfolio and rubrics. All this is very important for teachers to be able to use the OER available in an efficient and innovative way.

As the tools will be available through creation to all learners of all ages this will add additionally to all learners in lifelong learning.

But there will be also OER generate for training teachers, mentors and educationalists and those people involved in career progression on how to effectively use these resources through active methodologies. These methodologies will be Service Based Learning (PBL) and Gardnerd’s Multiple Intelligences Theory.

All these OERs created will populate the VETIVER Repository, togeteher with other useful resources available in Internet that will also be included to expand the Revetax repository. With the OERs, Learning itineraries will be created in the environment, and then pilot, first with teachers as students, to be sure they get a good knowledge of all the VETIVER potential, and afterwards with students.

A hidden objective of all the system will be to increase employability of students. For these, we will include sources of employment information in all partner countries also including Career Advisory and job interviewing techniques. This ideology will greatly advance the target sectors knowledge base for the identified target groups listed.







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